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Advanced Bachata Dancing

Bachata is a very hot dance today, and it is being danced in a variety of different clubs. Even if you already know how to dance the Bachata, more than
likely you are going to need to step it up a notch to get noticed in the clubs. If you want to be a hit, you are going to step up your current knowledge so
that you can take your dancing to a new level. When it comes to advanced Bachata dancing, there are a variety of things to keep in mind. You want it to
be creative and inventive, and you also want to make sure you are always on beat, connecting with your partner, and able to pull of some more advanced
dance moves.

Use Your Entire Body
Although the steps of Bachata dancing are quite simple, if you want to get into advanced bachata dancing you are going to need to use your entire body.
While the steps are a simple 1,2,3, touch, which is a simple 4/4 rhythm to follow, once you get the steps down, the rest of your body needs to follow. To
become an advanced Bachata dancer, you are going to need to use your hips and your legs as well as your feet. Your legs should move seductively with
your feet and your hips should be swaying with the music as well. While you can do the steps without the hip motion, you will not get the passionate
look of the true Bachata without putting the hip movement into the dance as well.

Synchronize and Feel the Music
Since the music to the Bachata is a simple 4/4 time, it is easy to get on beat with the music. However, once you are on beat and synchronized with the
music, then you need to actually feel the music. Although there are specific steps that are included in the Bachata, this is a dance that allows you a lot
of room for your own interpretation. This means that you can take your body wherever the music leads you. If you start to feel the music, you will be able
to start performing the Bachata in innovative and creative ways rather then just simply stepping out the beat of the music. One thing that may help you to
get in sync with the music is to listen to Bachata music even when you are not dancing. This will help you to get the rhythm in your head so you will be
able to better feel this style of music when you dance.

Sharpen Your Technique
After you have mastered the simple and essential steps of Bachata dancing, then it is time to sharpen your technique and start adding some more
advanced movements to your dancing. One great technique that you can add to your Bachata dancing to make it look more advanced is leg hooks.
Instead of just holding on the 4th beat of the music, this is a more advanced technique where you and your partner smoothly hook legs together. It can
be a bit tricky to learn, but it looks great once you get it all together. Taking your dancing a step up to a closed embrace also takes your Bachata
dancing to a new advanced level as well. There are various enclosed embraces that you can add to your dancing to make it look hot and it will also
enhance the passion between you and your partner as well.

Connecting With Your Dance Partner
Speaking of your dance partner, if you want to become a more advanced Bachata dancer you are going to need to work on connecting with your partner.
Remember, the Bachata is a dance about heat, sensuality, and passion, and you need to bring out these feelings in your dancing. Unless you connect
with your dance partner, you will be unable to show these feelings during your dance. Be sure that you stay together and women need to be sure that
they follow their dance partner instead of trying to lead. Also, turn up the heat between the two of you and make the Bachata hot and steamy. Once you
have that connection going on, it is going to become easier for you to do more advanced moves together.

Creativity is Important
While there are specific dance steps to the Bachata, this is a dance that allows you to have a lot of room to be creative. While there are many great
moves that people use universally while they are Bachata dancing, donít be afraid to create your own sensual movements as well. Bachata is a dance of
the people and it is constantly evolving over time, so go ahead and have some fun and get creative when you dance the Bachata.

Dance it Naturally
While you want to get to a more advanced level of Bachata dancing, you never want to make your dancing look stiff or forced. You should dance this
dance very naturally and let it flow. Usually beginners will dance this dance in a more stiff manner, but for a look that is more advanced, you should no
longer be looking stiff but you should be loose and light on your feet.

Practice Your Bachata Dancing
If you want to become a more advanced Bachata dancer, one of the best things you can do is to practice. Once you learn some new advanced moves,
make sure that you practice them over and over until you can perform them smoothly. The more you practiced the better you are going to get and soon
youíll be a Bachata dancer that is impressing others when you go dancing in the Latin clubs.