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Bachata Festival – San Fransisco Bachata Festival!

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Bachata Festival! The San Francisco Bachata Festival is here (and it’s the second annual too). I actually attended the first annual Bachata Festival myself, and now I’m completely excited for the second annual fest, that’s rigt around the corner!

What is the bachata festival? It’s an amazing week long dance fest (the longest bachata festival in the world), in the center of San Francisco, with workshops, dancing, live bands (yes, live bachata bands), and endless fun. That’s right, endless fun!

I became a convert after attending my first bachata festival last year, and seeing first hand how much fun everyone was having. I’ve been a salsa congress veteran for over ten years (since the first Puerto Rico Salsa Salsa Congress), and over the years, they’ve become less and less cenetered around fun and social dancing and music, and more and more about performance shows. They can be quite snobby!

So, when attending the bachata festival, it was a totally difference scene. Really based around the music, and the fun, of social dancing. It felt brand new. Both fun and exciting. I think, perhaps, this dance is young (compared to salsa) and over time it may move into the same competitive and performacne realm, but for now, it’s all about the simple fun of the dance, and you cannot miss this festival.

Bachata dance is easy to learn. You can learn bachata dancing with some simple bachata videos or in a simple few hour workshops. You can learn it right here are at the bachata festival. It’s so simple, fun, and yet can have such depth and feeling, this is the event not to be missed.

The bachata festival in San Francisco is for three days, and you can get all the details at

Are you coming? We hope you are. You won”t be sorry! This event is a must for Bachata dancers all over the world, and has such amazing acts as Domenic Marte as a headliner.