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SalsaCrazy Presents The Complete Bachata Mastery System: All 3 Levels, on three separate DVDs, in our Step by Step Bachata Dance Mastery program.

You'll never be lost as we professionally build your Bachata Dancing from the very first steps, slowly and methodically all the way to an Advanced level.

This is a complete system, and we don't leave anything out!

Sensual and Romantic, this course covers everything you need to know, and gives you the benefit of countless private lessons, all on three massive DVDs.

Featuring multiple camera angles, picture in picture, and music to practice each and every pattern too, these in depth instructional videos provide an excellent starting point as well as a fun and progressive system that allows you to grow as a dancer, step by step!

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Customer Feedback - Gabrielle

It's great to be able to go back and review steps at any time. I've made it through the 1st 2 DVDs and I'm out dancing at the clubs! I'm having a ton of fun and several dance partners have said "wow, you're a good dancer!" 've done a bit of the third DVD. . . It's great!
~ Gabrielle - Chicago, IL

SalsaCrazy.com Presents your complete step by step guide to dancing the Bachata, on three comprehensive DVDs. Complete breakdowns and instruction for men and women, including dancing to the music, and essential tips for success on the dance floor.

Over 27 weeks of Bachata Instruction, and Countless private Lessons, all in one massive Bachata Dance Series. You'll learn everything from the very basics all the way up through an Advanced level of social Bachata Dancing!

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Enhanced Health: Just by dancing, you値l build & tone muscles, increase circulation, strengthen your heart, & lose excess weight.

Increased Confidence: You値l improve the way you see yourself as you learn a new skill, acquire better coordination, tone your body, meet new people, and make more friends.

Great Social Life: You値l meet hundreds of new friends and romantic partners- all in a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

Customer Feedback - S. Thomas

I absolutely loved the first volume. I was dancing with some prima dona who learned elsewhere, and she moved like a robot! The rhythm taught on your DVD was so much more fluid, I moved like hot honey- I was so smooth! I have confidence in my ability knowing I have a "private expert" in my corner!
~ S. Thomas - Dover, Delaware

We've created a professional Three DVD System to showcase how easy and fun Bachata dancing can be!

Bachata can be enjoyed by everyone. The dance is filled with fantastic music, a rich history, and an unbeatable, intoxicating, rhythm. . . This is for absolutely everyone!

Give Bachata dancing a try, and you'll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself you've always wanted to set free.

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Bachata Dance Mastery System 3 pack - Learn to Dance Bachata for Beginners and Beyond

The Bachata Mastery System

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How Will Bachata Change YOUR Life?

Here are the Benefits YOU Can Expect in YOUR Life When You Learn to Dance Bachata:

*No More Missed Songs: The dance floor clears, the song comes on, the partners are waiting . . . but you can't dance to the music? This won't happen anymore, as you'll be prepared for every dance! Salsa, Cha-Cha, and Now, Bachata too . . .

* Increased Confidence: You値l improve the way you see yourself as you learn a new skill, acquire better coordination, tone your body, lose weight, become more limber, meet new people, learn cool dance steps, make more friends

Improved Attitude: You値l be able to relieve or eliminate depression and low spirits, and lift up your mood with the social environment, the physical movements, the music, the dance, and the absolute fun of it all

*Enhanced Health: You値l strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your circulation, help keep your heart strong, get rid of excess weight, improve your overall health

*Greater Coordination: You値l gain greater control over your body, learning how to move with grace and poise, skill and assurance, and all in a surprisingly short period of time

*Better Relationships: You値l strengthen and deepen the bonds between friends, between lovers, and between people you致e just met and people you致e known for decades

*Great Social Life: You値l meet new friends and romantic partners窯uality people who enjoy life--all in a safe and fun environment

So don稚 wait another second. Your timing is perfect if you act right away. You have absolutely, positively, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just do what you need to do right now to change your life for the better, and after that